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Collecting and mapping international XR events

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Hello everyone,

Welcome and thank you to spend a part of your time to help extinction rebellion shows how it is growing.


The data collected in this form will be used to make maps and dataviz of all the events of extinction rebellion (XR) all around the world.
Please fill in these requests and answer them as accurately as possible.

You can have an overview of what it is possible to do with these data, for example, on the map of actions in France:

French XR action map

When the map is ready, the information will be widely disseminated on social networks of rebellion extinction.

XRCollect for XR International

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All the data collected here will only be used to create different visuals (maps, statistics,...) by rebellion extinction. None of these data must contain personal data.  This dataset will be open-data and therefore usable by third parties. The only private data is your contact if you have specified it, this data will not be published and will only be used for moderation or requests for clarification.

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