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Nonviolent Activism for Liberation - Miki Kashtan Coaching Calls

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We live in precarious times, facing enormous global crises that are unraveling what still remains of social solidarity and threatening our very survival as a species.

Transforming the systemic conditions that created and now accelerate the crises to fully realign with life is an existential imperative none know how to bring about even as more and more people around the world are mobilizing for that very purpose. 

For over two years, Miki Kashtan offered coaching calls to activists within the Extinction Rebellion movement in support of greater individual and organizational capacity. These calls were focused on what arose from those who came, focusing on themes such as facilitation, collaborative leadership, giving and receiving feedback, walking towards conflict, aligning with nonviolence, and more. Recently, the decision was made to bring that chapter to a close and offer similar calls to activists anywhere, a way of responding to a larger and clearer need. 

The next call will be on Sunday, August 22nd at 4PM UTC

Following Dates:

  • Sunday, September 19th at 4PM UTC
  • Sunday, October 10th at 4PM UTC
  • Sunday, November 14th at 4PM UTC




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